“Forgotten Planet”

The documentary “Forgotten Planet” was made by the Discovery Channel in 2011. In Michael Gakuran’s article, he explains that the crew was two full days of filming on the island and access to pretty much anywhere on it! Said crew consisted of several local filmmakers from Nagasaki, director Jim Hense, 3D cameraman Tom Collins, fixer Noriko Uchida, Michael Gakuran himself and of course, the passionate former resident of Hashima, Doutoku Sakamoto, who we previously saw in Nordanstad and von Haussewolff’s 2002 documentary.

The resume of the ‘Forgotten Island’ series is as follows: “Explore the cast-offs of humanity – buildings, compounds and even entire cities abandoned by humans for years. Fogotten Planet takes you to places forgotten by time eerie locations that once hummed with activity and now are desolate. Enter the eerie emptiness of the city of Chernobyl, walk the halls and streets of abandoned Hashima Island, the Old West ghost town of Bodie, the transplanted German village of Kolmanskop – abandoned in the Namibian desert. What happens when humans abandon a place? Tune-in to find out why people left.”

Hashima was featured in episode 6 of the series.


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